Busted: College Pro Painters, An Assessment From The Inside

Busted: College Pro Painters, A Look at From The Inside

College Pro, lowering criteria since 1971

For the second amount of time in my life, I subjected myself to being hired by College Pro Painting. As a painter with an increase of than 5 years encounters, I figured i possibly could more than take on any position that they had for me easily. With their ad’s searching for completely inexperienced younger college students, I assumed that I would greatly exceed what these were expecting.

The very first time I enrolled in the faculty Pro experience, I assumed they might have an increased wage for experienced painters, or they would only higher inexperienced workers. To my surprise, these were taking experienced painter, but only offering a beginners wage. However but still, I was eager to get to work. With promised over time, I figured it might workout the difference.

WHEN I continued to work my way round the homely house through the prepping phase, I was continually told to phase down my level of performance. It wasn’t that I was performing a bad job, but they didn’t possess the ‘budget’ to provide such quality. This is a ridiculous way to go about issues. You can’t cut down on quality just because you do not have the budget for it.

Throughout the full week that this 7 person crew was working, I kept note greater than more than enough hazards and unethical practices. Anything from the asbestos siding that the crew had not been made aware of, to the 40 ft ladders extended completely up without tie downs to secure them, in the 30+ mph winds. Being that the asbestos siding has been outdated, I watched several pieces getting damaged by inexperienced painters. To my surprise, although the franchisee was made aware of the breakages on the siding, he did not see it fit to tell the home owner or even to offer to pay for the damages.

By the final finish of the week, I was even more the disgusted enough. Finding out that the Franchisee (the big boss), was only 19 years old, had just painted for just two 2 summers (8 weeks). Despite the fact that I was only 2 yrs more than my boss, I could still tell that the inexperience of life, painting and the strain of trying to hold the global globe on his shoulders was to much. It was easy to tell that University Pro had rooked this young mans power and time.

He did not yet know how all of those other world worked. He furthermore was having trouble trying to balance his business with the rest of his life, and it was an easy task to tell he has been having issues socially, also it was effecting everything else.

We tried to talk to him about getting other work opportunities finished up and done right, I had only received complaints about the sleep of his lifetime. He was so hopelessly confused by his life that he no longer cared what level of quality his painters released. College Pro painters had convinced him that he could hold the weight of the world by himself shoulders.

After being yelled at and asked to climb onto a 45* pitch without proper safety gear 50 ft up, in 45 mph hours winds, I turned in my own resignation swiftly.

Now, I had told myself that i would never apply to work with College Professional Painters again again. I was very firm on this. Until I has been desperate enough to wish to consider applying again…

WHEN I called on an advertisement in the classified for a University Pro unit in Bothell, I asked the franchise proprietor what his ethics were based around, what the pay will be and what hrs he or she worked his crew. I had been assured that safety would be looked after and provided correctly, and that quality will be put in front of quickness, I over looked the apprentice wages.

I quickly discovered that this apple didn’t fall far from the tree either. The only difference this time, was that I had not been the only experienced painter on the job. Lined up next to me has been a painter who acquired painted for quite some time before I had also started. Yet but still, we had been both told that people had been to Thorough, and that the budget could not afford for us to do so much. Just as much as we thought the real home owner will be unhappy about this, we brought our level of quality down and carried on our function. Through wind, rainfall and hot sun, we finished the homely home.

Through the entire operation, the boss will need to have been confused, because he kept trying to train his two experienced painters. As well and good as each boss likes things done his way, the other experienced painter and I possibly could tell by his intermediate painting abilities, that he was so convinced that College Pro had provided him their badge because he had some skill far beyond the years that we had.

We were scheduled to work 4-10’s (4 ten hour times), which would have been all well and good, if it wasn’t that people were expected to work through your day all expect for just one 30 minute lunch break. The nearest restroom was 8 miles aside, and the nearest location for food was 10 miles away. Becoming that the lunch and bathing room was at least a 15 moment drive, that left all of plenty of time to pee and provide the food back with you, allow a lone make an effort to eat it while standing on a ladder with a bucket of color.

Through the entire full week we moved onto to other houses. Continuing to give just a menial effort of every working job, and performing the functioning job the way we had been questioned by our boss, we were continually being yelled at for providing low quality jobs. Yet whenever we stepped back to the bigger quality up, we were getting to long. The clients were extremely dissatisfied with the low quality work that our boss told us to give, and after some time, our boss was remaining with just his inexperienced painting crew.

We am putting this short article out to notify all of you who might in the future consider either hiring College Pro of working for College Pro. As an employee, they pay out unbelievably lower than any painters company, even for apprentices. They don’t offer the needed tools they say they will, and they should be reported for their safety practices.

Now, I can not say i have ever been a person of College Pro, however, I can say I’ll never be one. The finished work have looked worse compared to the house did before they touched it always. They depart messes and won’t own up to their mistakes or even to purchase things they broke. They’ll bid you for a good price in comparison to other painting companies really, but you are given by them the worst quality.

Whether you are thinking about doing work for or hiring on College Pro, Beware! It is possible to take my term for it, or find out on your own…


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